A landscape image of organic wheat which is used in the Bread Ahead bakeries. A line of text in the image says 'Lammas day 2021' which is an online baking class.
An image of a close up Italian focaccia bread covered in olive oil and rosemary. There is a banner that is in the center of the image that says 'Italian baking online'.
An image of freshly baked breads. With text in the top left hand corner, reading 'bread ahead unlimited'. This is a poster for an unlimited subscription to online baking classes
An image of sourdough bread. To the right of the image reads 'deliveries on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday'.
A green background with vector art images of baking equipment. The text on the image reads 'junior baking club'. This is a kids baking club poster.
An image of a baking tray containing Italian Cantucci (which are almond biscuits). There is a text in the foreground which reads 'E-learning vouchers'. Which is a discount for online baking classes

Welcome to Bread Ahead Bakery & School, the home of quality British baking.