Baker's Pass FAQs

What is the pre-sale?

Our Baker’s Pass will officially launch on 1st January, however we are doing a pre-sale from the 4th December. Anyone who purchases between the 4th to 31st December will get an Unlimited Membership free! We won’t be shipping the membership cards until the 3rd January however, but you can begin using your workshop allowance and Unlimited membership straight away.

When does The Baker’s Pass launch?

It goes on pre-sale on the 4th December but the physical membership cards will not be dispatched until 3rd January but your workshop allowance will become active as soon as you complete your purchase and receive your voucher codes via email. When you purchase in the December pre-sale you will receive 13 months of membership as from the point of purchase, so if you’re buying the pass as a gift your lucky recipient will still receive a full year of perks and membership!

How many workshops do I get in my allowance?

You will receive four voucher codes  for half day workshops, the value of which can be used towards our full day or even 3 day workshops. You can also use your allowance to book a workshop for yourself and a baker buddy.

Can I pay monthly?

No, it’s a one-time upfront purchase.

Can I cancel my membership?

Unfortunately not, once you purchase membership it will be valid for one year.

Can I give a membership as a gift?

Yes absolutely! Just add a customer note when your making the purchase to let our team know that it’s a gift. If you’d like us to send it directly to the recipient, make sure you include their shipping address.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

You can share your workshop allowance with someone else, but discounts and perks can’t be transferred.

What are the Expert Baker Masterclasses?

These are a brand new schedule of in-person talks and demonstrations with our Bread Ahead expert bakers, who will break down one of our classic products. These will be announced with full details shortly. Spaces will be limited but Baker’s Pass holders will be notified first.

When does my membership start?

You can start using your allowance immediately*, upon purchase you’ll receive your four unique workshop voucher codes. You can start enjoying your other perks and discounts once you receive your membership card in the post (this will typically be dispatched within 5 working days of your purchase).

*If you purchase the Baker’s Pass during the December pre-sale your physical membership card will be despatched on 3rd January 2024.

How do I book my free and discounted workshops?

You can book your workshops via the Bread Ahead website using your unique workshop voucher codes. These can be used on any workshop scheduled Wednesday to Friday.

Can I share my workshop free allowance with someone else?

Yes! If you want to bake with a friend, you can share your free workshop allowance with them.

What happens if I haven’t used my allowance by the end of my membership term?

You can only use your allowance within the 12 month membership term so make sure you use it up on time! You can share your allowance with a friend if you don’t think you can use it yourself.

Will my membership automatically renew?

No. If you would like to renew your membership, you will need to make a new purchase at the end of the term.

Can I use my discount on The Tea House Afternoon Tea Experience?

Yes you can. Your 20% discount on food and drinks from our bakeries, shops and restaurants also applies to our Tea House in Chelsea. Simply add a note to your booking to let us know that you’re a Baker’s Pass holder. You will need to bring your membership card along with you when you attend your afternoon tea.