Bread Ahead - Press Mentions

Situated in the heart of Borough Market, Bread Ahead’s Bakery and School have attracted their fair share of media coverage. Read about our bread, doughnuts and workshops below.


February 2019.

The best healthy cookery courses in the UK

13 of the Best Cookery Courses in the UK & Ireland

November 2018.

British Baker – Academy Comment

The Culture Whisper

October 2018.

October’s London Food Finds

Scrumptious treats this half term

January 2018. The Handbook

Beak Street Opening

September 2017. BBC Good Food

How to Make Italian Bread


August 2017. London City Portal

Lammas observed at Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral

July 2017. Suitcase


July 2017. Sheerluxe


July 2017. Town & Country

The Best Time of Year to Visit London Might Surprise You

July 2017. A Little Bird

Bread Ahead Summer of Sourdough classes

July 2017. Red Online

10 Free Things To Do With The Kids This Summer

June 2017. Financial Times

London’s Borough Market reopens: tips on where to eat and drink

June 2017. The Week

Borough Market: Top Tips on Where to Eat & Drink

June 2017. Esquire

Where to Eat & Drink This Week

June 2017. The Evening Standard

The Strength of London is Magic

June 2017. Wilderness Festival

Summer of Sourdough

May 2017. Wilderness Festival

Bread Ahead

May 2017. Secret London

We’ve Found 8 Things You Can Only Buy In London

May 2017. Country & Townhouse

Bread Ahead’s Famous Doughnut Recipe

May 2017. Delicious Magazine

Custard Doughnuts

April 2017. Culture Trip

The Best Bakeries To Try In London

April 2017. Delicious Magazine

Cookery school review: Doughnut workshop, Bread Ahead Bakery

April 2017. Suitcase Magazine


April 2017. The Guardian

Food that looks good enough to… Instagram

April 2017. About Time

Top 10: Hot Cross Buns in London

April 2017. Absolutely London Online

3 of the Best Cookery Classes in London

March 2017. The National Cookery School Guide


March 2017. Hot Dinners

Bread Ahead launch hot cross doughnuts

March 2017. InStyle Online

8 Totally Un-Mumsy Things To Do With Your Mum This Sunday

February 2017. Country & Town House

10 of the Best Cookery Courses in the UK & Ireland

February 2017. Vogue

London’s Best Bakeries

February 2017. Country & Town House

The Must-Visit London Bakeries & What to Order

February 2017. Foodism

London’s Best Food and Drink Schools

February 2017. The Sunday Times

Amaretti Biscuits From Matthew Jones

December 2016. Soho Radio

William Sitwell’s Biting Talk

November 2016. The Sunday Times

The 30 Best Bakeries in the UK

August 2016. Drive on the Left

Top 50 best dishes in London

June 2016. House & Garden

Cookery courses: doughnuts

June 2016. The Handbook

7 of London’s best bakeries

May 2016. The Culture Trip

The most outrageous dessert shops in London

May 2016. BBC iWonder

What’s the easiest way to make bread? – presented by Justin Gellatly

May 2016. TimeOut

London’s best doughnuts

May 2016. The Independent

Seven doughnuts you should be eating for National Doughnut Week

May 2016. The Telegraph

National Doughnut Week: The very best doughnuts in London

May 2016. The Handbook

8 of London’s best doughnuts

May 2016. International Business Times

Where to find the best doughnuts in London

May 2016. Average Joes

Best doughnuts in London

May 2016. Foursquare

The 15 Best Places for Donuts in London

May 2016. Bakery Info

In pictures: 10 top doughnut shops for National Doughnut Week

April 2016. The Gannet

Adventures in Baking

April 2016. House & Garden

Your daily bread

April 2016. Country & Town House

The best niche cooking classes in London to impress at dinner parties

April 2016. Foursquare

The 15 Best Places for Breadsticks in London

March 2016. The Telegraph

From cake classes to sourdough school: Britain’s best baking courses

March 2016. Khoollect

Bread Ahead: Where dreamy doughnuts are made

March 2016. Into the Blue

Ten Things For Under A Tenner In… London

March 2016. The Culture Trip

The best bakeries in London

November 2015. The Culture Trip

London’s 10 Best Doughnut Spots

November 2015. Halal Gems

9 Street Foods You Must Try at London Markets

August 2015.

Second outlet opens for Bread Ahead

August 2015. Lauren Sibs

Bread Ahead: Doughnuts to Die For

August 2015. flexioffices

London Bridge/Borough Guide

June 2015. TimeOut

Clerkenwell Boy reveals his top four London foodie faves

June 2015. Major Foodie


June 2015. Curious Londoner

Croissant Making at Bread Ahead’s Baking School

June 2015. Tapas magazine

Sweet revival

May 2015. Evening Standard

The best sweet and savoury doughnuts in London

May 2015. Wow 24/7

5 of the Best Doughnut Destinations in London

May 2015. Foodie Weekends

Borough Market & Bread Ahead doughnuts

April 2015. Honest London

Battle of the Doughnuts

March 2015. Rude Health

EAT RIGHT Masterclass #4: Real Bread

March 2015. London Evening Standard

London’s 50 best bakeries and cake shops

March 2015. Borough Market

Friday feeling: tomato olive and rosemary focaccia from bread ahead

March 2015. The Culture Trip

Top 5 Things to Get at Borough Market

March 2015. smarter TRAVEL

Borough Market: A Food Lover’s Paradise in Central London

March 2015. The Guardian Observer

The OFM 50: the 50 hottest places, people and trends in food

March 2015. London Evening Standard

Rebecca Seal’s three best doughnuts in London

March 2015. The Guardian

Mother’s Day gift guide – in pictures

March 2015. The Guardian

Bread, coffee and wine are the toast of the Melbourne food and wine festival

February 2015. Le Cool London

Kickstart Spring, Try Something New

October 2014. London Evening Standard

The 1000: London’s most influential people 2014 – Tastemakers

October 2014. Food Curated

Naughty Treats: Bread Ahead’s “Custard Grenade” Donuts

September 2014. Below the River

Free Weekend: is bread-making really that difficult?

July 2014. The London Evening Standard

London’s best foodie master classes

July 2014. Son of a Southern Chef

Bread Ahead- London’s best bread ever

May 2014. Metro

It’s National Doughnut Day (whoop whoop) – here’s how to celebrate in style

May 2014. The Happy Foodie

Getting to know Justin Gellatly

May 2014. The Guardian

Justin Gellatly: I want to know that every loaf is perfect

May 2014. The Metro

The proof is in the dough(nut): How to make custard doughnuts at home.

May 2014. Spitalfields Life

Justin Gellatly’s Doughnut Recipe

April 2014. Harper’s Bazaar

Breaking bread with the royal baker

April 2014. Time Out

Rise above the competition. Bread Ahead’s Baking School

March 2014. London Evening Standard

20 best doughnuts in London

March 2014. Great British Chefs

Bread Ahead Review

March 2014. Time Out

Hole foods: get your fill of London’s most delectable doughnuts

February 2014. The British Baker Magazine

Bread Ahead opens bakery school

January 2014. Financial Times

Five of the Best. Bread making courses

October 2013. Spitalfields Life

The Return of Justin Piers Gellatly

October 2013. Kentish Towner

Weekend extra. Learn to bake