Course dates

  • Thu 18 July 2024, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Celebrate the flavours of the season in this online class, where you’ll master the art of preparing sea bass, crafting a vibrant summer salad, and making labneh, a delicious homemade cheese (optional).

Sea bass is at its most abundant in the summer. This delicate fish boasts a mild flavour with a slight sweetness, making it perfect for simply pan frying. Our expert chef will show you how to fillet a whole sea bass, (or buy yours already filleted). You’ll learn how to achieve a perfectly crispy skin and tender, flaky flesh, serving it up with a lemon wedge and our summer salad.

Using broad beans, spring onions, courgette, and fresh salad leaves, you’ll create a nutritious summer salad with a light citrus dressing that complements the sea bass perfectly. 

Though it requires preparation a day ahead, labneh is worth mastering as it has many uses. Learn how to strain yoghurt to make this creamy, tangy cheese, which you’ll roll in chopped herbs or ground spices for added flavour. It can be added to your salad for extra flavour.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have created a beautiful meal of sea bass and summer salad, along with the knowledge to make labneh at home. 

allergens: fish, dairy, mustard


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