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Start the day the right way, we’ve selected our favourite breakfast bakes. Rich, buttery, flaky croissants and pains aux chocolats enjoyed with Bread Ahead raspberry jam.

Our demi-brioche buns are the perfect partner for scrambled eggs.

Your breakfast bundle will include: 2 x plain croissants, 2 x pains aux chocolats, 2 x demi-brioche buns, small pot of Bread Ahead jam.

Best enjoyed on the day of delivery/collection, or you can  for up to one month.


jamraspberries, sugar, fruit pectin

Allergens: none

croissants: white flour, milk, water, yeast, salt, caster sugar, butter, egg

Allergens: gluten, milk, egg

pains aux chocolats: White flour, milk, water, salt, caster sugar, yeast, butter, egg, dark chocolate

Allergens: gluten, milk, egg, soy

demi-brioche buns: white flour, sugar, milk, butter, yeast, salt, water, egg wash

Allergens: gluten, milk, egg