Course dates

  • Sat 19 November 2022, 11:00am - 12:30pm

Junior Bakers are in for a treat, quesadillas made from scratch! If you’ve never made your own tortillas before then this is the perfect time to learn, so simple to make and incredibly tasty when served as a quesadilla. Gudria will be guiding the Junior Bakers through the knead, shaping and cooking of the tortillas, which they will then generously fill with cheese of course! Plus all their favourite fillings. Quesadillas make for a perfect lunch, dinner or snack, we’re sure you’re going to like them.

Baking Club has a new start time: 11am, we’ll send you a ZOOM invite two days prior.

*Download your workbook for a full list of ingredients and equipment needed for the workshop.

*Recipe includes, gluten & dairy.