Since we launched the online school in 2020 we’ve developed over 150 different online baking workshops, from sourdough and doughnuts, to Junior Baking and seasonal and skills based masterclasses. Every month we bring back some of your favourite workshops to the live teaching schedule plus our newly developed and seasonal classes. We teach every corner of baking from sweet pastry, to sourdough, enriched doughs and cake. Here are just a few of our classes from the archive.

  • Bagels & Pretzels
  • Croissants & Puff Pastry
  • Greek Baking
  • Mediterranean Sweets
  • British Regional Bakes
  • Gluten Free Baking
  • British Tea Time
  • French Baking
  • Middle Eastern Flatbreads
  • Brunch Time Bakes
  • Heritage Grains
  • Regional Italian Bakes
  • Choux Pastry Masterclass
  • Essential Bread Baking Masterclass
  • Bread Bakery – 4 week course
  • Enriched Dough – 4 week course
  • Cake Decorating – 4 week course

Check the current schedule here.