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We are very pleased to introduce a series of lectures which have been inspired by the ground-breaking work of Nathan Myhrvold, Modernist Bread.

This series of six lectures covers many of the fundamental teachings of the Modernist Bread books and are designed to be enjoyed as a standalone event or as part of a series.

After each  lecture, Bread Ahead will provide  light refreshment and the opportunity for informal discussion amongst the delegates.

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The Birth of Bread

16th April 6.30pm, 25 delegates
This lecture will offer an overview of early man’s very first attempt of using grains, resulting in the first breads and the subsequent development of bread, as we know it today.

Grains and the Agricultural big bang!

14th May 6.30pm, 25 delegates
This lecture we will consider what happened when Neolithic man evolved from hunter gatherers to farmers and the birth of agriculture and crop selection. This lecture will also offer an overview if the history of milling and farming.

The Artisan Movement

18th June 6.30pm, 25 delegates
In this lecture we will look at the issue of over engineered breads, explaining what a poor state bread was in and the wind of change with the birth of the Artisan Movement. We will consider how much the landscape for baking and bread has changed over recent years and the popular misconception that Artisan breads are from a bygone era

Scoring and Stencil Techniques

16th July 6.30pm, 25 delegates
In this lecture we will give delegates the knowledge and opportunity to gain full understanding of scoring and stencilling techniques.

Enrobing and inclusions

13th August 6.30pm, 25 delegates
In this lecture we will discuss the techniques of enrobing dough and various inclusions i.e. fruit, nuts and cheeses

Back to The Future

17th September 6.30pm, 25 delegates
Our final lecture will offer delegates a glimpse to the future. We discuss how taking a ‘modernist’ approach to bread is evolving the world  of baking