We offer a range of Bread Ahead baking classes for school groups – giving students a hands-on experience of baking something delicious to eat here or take home. We offer the following five workshops:


Bread Ahead Schools Pizza WorkshopPizza Workshop
In this 1.5 hour hands-on workshop, students will have the chance to make and knead their own pizza dough (dependent on their age), shape their pizza base, top their pizza with fresh ingredients and bake it, all under the experienced guidance of a Bread Ahead tutor. In addition, students will also learn about the process of fermentation.

Bread Ahead Schools Soda Bread WorkshopSoda Bread Workshop
In this 1.5 hour hands-on workshop, students will choose from a selection of ingredients (i.e. cheese and dried fruit) to create a unique soda bread from scratch. They will be guided through the process by one of our experienced tutors and will learn about raising agents including bicarbonate of soda.

Bread Ahead Schools Scone Workshop
Scone Workshop
In this 1.5 hour hands-on workshop, students will make their own scone dough, flavouring it as they choose. They will then roll their dough, cut their scones, glaze them and finally bake them, all with the help of a Bread Ahead tutor.

Bread Ahead Schools Shaped Bread WorkshopMake, Shape and Bake Workshop
This 1.5 hour workshop combines the bread making process with a whole lot of imagination. Students will be guided through the bread making process, and get hands on to shape their breads in different styles before baking.

Bread Ahead Schools What is Sourdough WorkshopWhat is Sourdough? Workshop
This 1.5 hour workshop is our most concept-based session. Although students will not bake their own bread, they will create their own sourdough starters and have the chance to sample a range of different sourdough breads. The tutor will explain the processes of both flour production (including farming and milling) and bread making. When possible, students will also be given a tour of Bread Ahead’s production bakery.

What we hope elevates our programme is the fact that each workshop we deliver can be used both as a standalone unit or in conjunction with a non-bakery learning activity led by the teacher. The bakery portion of the class will give pupils practical food skills and insight into the worlds of bakery and nutrition, while the 30 minutes of teacher-led activity (if utilised) will allow teachers to integrate specific curricular content into the learning experience.

We offer sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays for 1½ to 2 hours. The workshops will cost £15 per pupil + VAT and we can accommodate up to 30 pupils in each session.

For more information or to book, please contact info@breadahead.com.