Bread Ahead Unlimited

Welcome to the next step in your baking journey.     



What is Bread Ahead Unlimited?

The membership package for any aspiring baker. Unlimited takes a deeper dive into online learning, going live with our bakers gives you complete access to our school from your very own home.

Interact with our teachers and with each other just as you would in our workshops. Learn something new, develop your skills and achieve incredible baking results without the need for professional gadgets.

You can join us in our elearning sessions as frequently as you want or as many times as you need to hone your skills with us.

Aimed at bakers of all skill level, our downloadable and interactive workbooks are designed to give you all the preparation you need so that you can experience the best of baking with Bread Ahead bakery school during the live session.





Some of the highlights our members can look forward to next year…

What is Bread Ahead’s Cake Series?

Our 4 week series are designed to build a specific skill set and have proven to be extremely popular among our members. We will be introducing our first series dedicated to the craft of cake baking. Learn how to produce a variety of different sponges, each using a unique method. We’ll be exploring butter creams from the classic to Italian and German. Plus you’ll learn how to successfully frost and decorate cakes with your own homemade fillings, preserves and artisan decor.




What is a Bread Ahead Baking Masterclass?

We host our Masterclasses every Thursday evening, shorter sessions dedicated to one product over the course of 1.5 hours. We’re introducing a number of new Masterclasses in 2022, choux pastry is first up. Learn to produce the perfect choux pastry batter, master the process before perfecting your piping skills. We’ll show you a number of piping techniques, fillings and how to bake your choux to absolute perfection.




For many of us home bakers, we are often motivated to bake our own bread to ensure we’re getting the best quality without the additives. This classic workshop will build your knowledge and confidence baking with whole grain flours. We’ll look at the long time favourite pumpernickel, famed for it’s health benefits it also happens to be delicious. You will learn how to sprout whole grains for use in a classic soda bread, a wonderful quick bread with maximum nutritional value. Following the considerable interest in heritage grains, we’ll be making seeded crackers with spelt flour

A seasons eating


We’ll continue to dedicate Friday evenings to our culinary inspired workshops. Pasta and pizza will continue to make an appearance as well as some new suppers coming soon. Every month we look to the market and its variety of seasonal produce in our culinary classes dedicated to seasonal eating. These sessions aim to develop your knowledge of seasonal produce as well as incorporating different culinary techniques and hopefully inspire you to try some new recipes and ingredients. Each session is hosted live on Friday evenings with the dinner table very much in mind, with the dishes ready just in time for an 8pm dinner. 


We’re so often inspired by bakes from our travels, this year we’ll be looking to our fellow bakers across the Atlantic. This classic workshop will look at both breads and pastry that are undeniable icons of American baking. We’ll make the softest burger buns and hot dog rolls, using a brioche inspired enriched dough these are fantastic. For the pastry element we’re taking on the classic pecan pie and black white cookies, these delicious biscuits are famed across New York city.

Junior Baking club pinwheel tomato bread


How often will Classics be updated?

We’re working on developing a number of the existing classics to bring you some all new bakes to your favourite workshops. We’ll also bring some of the old bakes back from our previously updated sessions as stand alone workshops. So you can enjoy spending an hour with our bakers creating those much loved recipes again.

That’s right, Tim Tams are making a come back!